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Irrigation Services

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Images Landscaping Offers Seasonal & Specialized Irrigation Services

An effective irrigation system plays a vital role in the health and strength of your grass and beds. Here at Images Landscaping & Construction, we know that sometimes fertilization and lawn maintenance just isn't enough to keep your property strong and healthy. Consistent watering is the final step in achieving the golf course quality turf everyone strives to attain.

A properly functioning irrigation system delivers several invaluable benefits to your residential or commercial property:

  • Weed and disease prevention
  • Water conservation
  • Retention of soil nutrients

Best of all, a maintained irrigation system can actually save you money on your water bills and landscape maintenance!

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When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Irrigation System?

Unfortunately, many Michigan home and business owners have an improperly functioning water system and don't realize it. Just like the cars we drive, our irrigation systems require consistent care and maintenance to keep them operating at their best. If your sprinkler system is due for a checkup, Images Landscaping & Construction can help. We offer Michigan home and business owners a full menu of irrigation maintenance and repair services to keep their sprinklers operating at maximum capacity at all times.

Images Landscaping offers seasonal and specialized irrigation services, including:

Spring Startup

Once the spring weather hits Michigan, we are ready! Images Landscaping's technicians arrive onsite to perform a full evaluation of your system. Our spring startup checklist includes:

  • Priming and checking the pump
  • Pressurizing the mainline
  • Verifying zone operations
  • Checking for leaks
  • Evaluating spray alignment
  • Test water pressure
  • Set basic watering schedule

System Winterization

Winterizing your sprinklers is critical to get it ready for Michigan's freezing (and sub-freezing) temperatures. Images Landscaping will blow out lines and shut off the water source to get your system ready for the cold weather months.

Installation and Repair

In addition to seasonal care, Images Landscaping also offers a diverse range of installation and repair services. Our trained irrigation technicians will consult with you on an initial install to create a layout that optimizes watering results. Additionally, our specialists perform repairs on lines, controllers and valves, rotors, and heads. From general wear and tear to an unexpected encounter with your lawn mower, Images Landscaping can fix what's broken on virtually any system.

Images Landscaping also offers rust stain prevention services for homes and business owners who have high levels of iron in their irrigation water. We can prevent and remove unsightly stains from your hardscapes and structures.

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Schedule Your Irrigation System Checkup Today

Don't wait another season to have your watering system evaluated by our team of professional technicians. Contact Images Landscaping today to discuss your specific irrigation needs with our onsite landscape specialists. We'll create a customized irrigation solution that achieves maximum results on your residential or commercial property!

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