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Landscaping Services

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Innovative Landscaping Services

Images Landscaping & Construction is Michigan's one-stop resource for innovative landscape services that beautify, strengthen, and protect residential and commercial properties. We partner directly with home and business owners throughout the region to understand their specific landscaping needs, objectives, and budget. We use our extensive industry experience (almost 30 years and counting!) to create customized landscape solutions specifically designed to achieve their goals with long-term, sustainable results. All of our services are completed by our in house staff and only on the rarest occasions will we partner with a preferred subcontractor.

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Images Landscaping offers a comprehensive suite of professional landscaping, including:


Installation (New & Existing Construction)

Have you just moved into your new home and are finally ready to focus on your landscapes? Or, maybe you're ready to add new features to your existing layout? Images Landscaping can help. We'll work with you to determine your personal property vision and create an installation plan that makes it a reality.


Over time, landscapes can start to show a little wear and tear. Disease, stresses, lack of maintenance, and simple aging can all eventually take its toll. Images Landscaping's renovation services can help repair damage throughout your beds and gardens to revitalize your landscapes.

Tree Installation

Healthy trees and large plantings offer much-needed shade, privacy, and natural boundaries throughout your property. Plus – they look beautiful! Images Landscaping's professional team helps pinpoint the perfect place to help trees thrive, and has the skill, talent, and equipment to manage the installation process.

Exterior Lighting

Strategically placed exterior landscape lighting can transform your entire property. Our outdoor lighting technicians design plans that not only highlight your yard's most stunning landscapes and features, but will also help increase the safety around the home.

Sod/Seeding/Hydroseeding Installation

Images Landscaping's sod installation services deliver instant results. We'll carefully evaluate the current condition and grading of your property to ensure an install process that allows turf to acclimate quickly, so you can start enjoying life outside in your yard.

Water Features & Ponds

Water features are some of our most popular hardscapes and with good reason. Our natural looking ponds and water installations enhance visual appeal, delivering a calming, peaceful vibe on the property. Images Landscaping manages the install as well as seasonal start-ups and shutdowns. We can even handle any of your cleaning needs to keep these features as low maintenance as possible.

Mulch Services

Images Landscaping offers both natural and colored mulches to enhance the look of your beds and deliver several benefits to your yard. Whether you'd like traditional mulch, decorative stone, or a combination of both, our mulching services can give your property a fresh, new look

Land Grading

The grade of your land plays a vital role in the overall health and appearance of your home and landscapes. An improper grade can not only cause yard and turf issues, but can also damage homes and structures. We offer rough and finished grading, Harley raking, and bulldozing services to home and business owners throughout Michigan. We can even come to the rescue on construction sites where contractors have left a mess!

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Let Images Landscaping turn your everyday landscapes into something extraordinary! Contact the team today for more information.

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